Welcome! This space is used for Women in Science & Engineering groups from across Canada to share ideas with each other. The goal is for this space to act as a reference for all women's support groups, when they encounter challenges, need ideas for events, need help creating a website, or wish to start a group from scratch. The groups can represent both students and professionals in academia or industry, though the majority of groups are indeed within higher education.


List of WISE Groups
Contact info and websites for various WISE groups across Canada.

WISE Blogs
Import your RSS feed here and check out what other groups are up to.

Resources and ideas for setting up mentoring programs within your WISE group.

Event Ideas
Social, academic, and mentoring event ideas that you have done or would like to do.

Outreach Activities
Ideas and resources for outreach activities.

Male Involvement
How can the guys help the cause?

Issues Faced
Discussion of problems your group is facing, or that women are facing in general.

Creating Your Website
A bit of help for those who want to get their own website started.

Random Advice
The stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else - great downloads and tidbits of inspiration.

Includes a list of relevant women's organizations, scholarship opportunities, and conferences and events.

How it Started

This initiative was started after two executives of Carleton University's Women in Science and Engineering (CU-WISE), Gail Carmichael and Barbora Dej, gave a talk at the 2008 National Conference on Women in Engineering, hosted by the University of Western Ontario. CU-WISE hopes that it will grow and become a valuable resource for all groups like ours! You are encouraged to continuously contribute to this wiki so that it would grow and stay relevant. CU-WISE is also working with ESSCO to create a document encompassing a lot of the information provided in this wiki.

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Questions, comments, and suggestions may be directed at:
Gail Carmichael (gail.banaszkiewicz gmail), Internal Affairs Executive for Carleton University's WISE group
Barbora Dej (barbora.dej gmail), inaugural External Affairs Executive for Carleton University's WISE group