Got any event ideas that your group has done or would like to do?

Tips and Advice for First Year Students

We gathered all the things we wish we knew in our first year of undergrad and shared this advice with our younger undergrads. Not just first years showed up, which was great; the older students learned from us graduate students and imparted their experiences to the first years at the same time.

Download an example article used as a base for advice given at this event.

Balancing Research and Family Life

It was the topic we all wanted to talk about. When's the best time to have kids? What's it like being a mom when you are a university professor? How do we balance having a family with succeeding in academia?

High Tea

We'd like to get together in a fancy place (like the Chateau Laurier) for tea. We can dress fancy and bring our friends (including the guys!).


This is a great opportunity to relax, especially right before exams.

Steps to Success

A career building exercise with experts on networking, advice on making a great first impression, dressing for success, and negotiating skills. This event is free for WISE members, and includes a light dinner and dessert. See the 2011 event announcement from Carleton University's WISE group.

How to Find an Academic Faculty Position

This is a talk given yearly for Ottawa WISE and is very popular.

Inspiring Women

Carleton's Women in Science and Engineering invited Carleton University's first female President, Dr. Roseann Runte, to speak to over 50 people (all but three of whom were women). She talked about women who inspire us, especially Nobel prize winners, and mentioned that she'd love to invite the women Nobel prize winners to come for a big event here at Carleton to showcase their achievements. She also told us a bit of her story, including how she's helped other women.

There is an opportunity to invite any special woman who can inspire the crowd for a speaker event.

Girl Geek Dinners

"The events are aimed at providing a welcoming atmosphere and a platform for learning in an informal environment. They are always held in pubs and bars, and there is usually a speaker or three who talk for a short while on a chosen subject for the evening."