Everything from talks at local schools to involvement with Girls Guides of Canada can be listed here. We'd also like to gather ideas for individual outreach activities.

Activity Ideas

  • Snap Circuits Jr SC-100 (simple electronics kits that come with experiment booklet)
  • CS Unplugged (twenty interactive and computer-less activities to teach core computer science concepts)
  • Let's Talk Science List of Hands On Activities
  • Hold a student panel discussion where elementary and high school students, along with their parents, get to ask the university students questions about science and engineering
  • Get universities involved with RoboGals

National or Provincial

Girl Guides of Canada

Queens University has a Brownie Outreach Program with the local Girl Guide groups. 4-5 volunteers pick an activity that is appropriate for the age of the girls and bring all the material and attend a Guide meeting and just spend the time doing fun experiments and talking with the girls. The leaders stay with the girls and usually help out the volunteers where ever possible and the activities chosen depends largely on if they are trying to work on any badges or what the leaders are looking for. This program has been fantastic in the past years, the girls, volunteers, and leaders think it’s an amazing experience. As of late there has been a problem making contact with the local Guide groups because Guides Ontario is going through "transition" right now which makes communication very limited. Other than that, it is an amazing program.

Let's Talk Science


This is a partnership program that pairs senior undergrads with grads with local elementary and high schools so that the university students can give interactive presentations about science (and engineering) to entire classrooms. It's not restricted to just girls, but if desired, one could work more with an all girls school or team up with a local Girl Guides unit. While most prepared presentations in this program are currently for natural sciences, there is a huge opportunity for us to come up with computer science and engineering activities.



Go ENG Girl is an exciting opportunity for Grade 7-10 girls across Ontario to visit their local university to learn about the wonderful world of engineering: "A Caring Profession." Join us for fun hands-on activities, informative parents' sessions and engineering student exhibits.

Ottawa Area

Carleton University's Women in Science and Engineering have compiled a fairly comprehensive list of outreach activities in Ottawa. If you know of any others, please list them below!